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SUMMERSIDE (PE) – May 17, 2012 – The Atlanticade Motorcycle Festival is very pleased to announce that The Confederation Bridge has become the latest “Full Throttle Sponsor” to partner with the 6th annual event being held from June 28th to July 2nd in Prince Edward Island.

In fact the Confederation Bridge will be celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and participants attending Atlanticade will get to join in the party which will take place on the evening of June 30th in Borden-Carleton. Dubbed “Atlanticade Cruises Confederation Bridge” all bikes will parade over and back across the massive structure in one collective roar of thunder. Once back on the Island side bikers and residents alike will be treated to a birthday fireworks spectacle. Prior to the start of the “cruise” across the Bridge participants can enjoy a corn boil and mussel bake followed by cake and coffee upon their return to Borden-Carleton. Start time for the cruise is expected to be 8:30 pm with fireworks being held at dusk.

Chairman Dale Hicks is excited to have the Confederation Bridge on board as a major sponsor of the festival and expects participants will be excited about the chance to cruise across the 12.8 kilometer span in one large group. “No doubt this will be one of the highlights of our festival. To be part of a group of hundreds of motorcycles making their way across the Northumberland Strait just before sundown will be something special for sure”.

The normal crossing time is about 10 minutes but with this large a group the round trip will take about 30 minutes. There is no charge for those doing the round trip. Provisions will also be in place for those looking to head home on the New Brunswick side of the Bridge. They will be able to purchase their crossing fee of $17.75 prior to departure and then form a group together at the tail section of the parade. Once across this group will continue on and be able to reach their destinations while there is still some daylight.
Construction of the Bridge started in October of 1993 and it was opened to the public just under five years later on May 31, 1997.  It is the longest bridge in the world to cross over ice covered water and was built at a cost of 1 billion dollars.

“There are certain icons associated with PEI such as Anne of Green Gables but the Bridge has quickly become one of those icons” stated Hicks. “During our attendance at trade shows this past winter many people raised the topic of the Bridge and how they were looking forward to making the trip over to PEI on their motorcycle.”

Hicks did allude to the fact that the Saturday night of Atlanticade will be busy with two major events – the Confederation Bridge party and the John Mellencamp concert. “We did try to find ways around not having these two great events take place at the same time but in the end it just wasn't possible. The good news is now everyone should be in for a very special evening regardless of which activity they choose to attend. It should be a great Saturday night any way you cut it!”

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