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Moncton (NB) – The ATLANTICADE Motorcycle Festival is pleased to announce that “Celebrate Moncton 125” with be the theme for the 9th annual edition of the festival set for July 1st to 5th in downtown Moncton.

ATLANTICADE is returning home to Moncton just in time to help celebrate the 125th birthday of the City which has been dubbed the “hub of the maritimes” in reference to the geographical location near the New Brunswick – Nova Scotia border and just an hour away from Prince Edward Island.

Known in the early years for ship building and then later on as a focal point for Canadian National Railway, the local economy has diversified over the past several decades to the point that no particular industry or sector can lay claim to being the primary employer in this city of over 70,000 (close to double that if you take in the neighboring communities of Riverview, Dieppe and Shediac).

Looking at from a motorcycle perspective, the greater Moncton area boosts five motorcycle dealerships which service a large contingent of motorcycle enthusiasts. In addition to hosting ATLANTICADE, the city will also play host this year to the International Motor Maids rally from July 7th to 9th. Moncton has also hosted national and regional HOG events in addition to an annual national motocross race at Riverglade located just outside of the city limits.

“Moncton is a very welcoming city and we are proud to help celebrate this milestone anniversary with participants from outside our city at the upcoming ATLANTICADE festival” said chairman Dale Hicks.

Hicks said the committee will be organizing a number of events and activities around the 125 theme. In addition $125 gift certificates will form part of prize awards that are drawn for during the festival.

“I guess we will need a pretty big birthday cake to hold 125 candles but we are up for the challenge” laughed Hicks. “It’s going to be a heck of a party!”

(Downtown street party from a past ATLANTICADE in Moncton)

For more information on the festival please go to www.atlanticade.ca , join our Facebook or contact us at by email info@atlanticade.ca or by phone at 506-855-5749

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