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June 22 - 25, 2017 - Celebrating 11 Years!

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The Confederation Bridge Cruise will take place again during ATLANTICADE 2014 on Saturday evening, June 28th. Although the time of departure (8:30 pm) will be the same as in past years there are some changes to the set-up of the run this time around.

The biggest change is regards to the departure area. This year participants will form up at the Bridge toll booth to allow for quick entry onto the bridge. Bikes will be allowed to arrive at 7:30 pm with departure sharp on time at 8:30 pm.

Another major change will be at the conclusion of the parade when the bikes arrive back on the Island side of the Bridge. This year the group will continue on directly back to Summerside. The after party will be held in the Budweiser tent at festival headquarters.

So this means several hundred motorcycles will being rolling down the main highway back through downtown Summerside and up to the festival grounds. If you do not what to be part of the group going back to Summerside please let the volunteers know when you arrive at the toll booth and you will be positioned in the parade accordingly.

Also the Bridge will not be closed during the parade which means there will be oncoming traffic both over and back. In addition we will try to maintain a speed that will make the run enjoyable while at the same time trying to avoid gaps at the tail end.

There will be a maximum of 750 spots available for the run so please book early at headquarters registration so that you are not disappointed.

As per past years you must be registered to participate and a $5 fee is charged which will pay the costs of the after party. (Ticket included in package for VIPs)  There will be no site access to washrooms so please arrive with a full tank of gas and an empty bladder.

Enjoy the run!

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