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June 22 - 25, 2017 - Celebrating 11 Years!

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(Summerside, P.E.) – Many of you have been asking about the theme for our 2014 festival. Over the past two years we introduced a theme to give some focus to our event. In 2012 it was “A Salute To The Military History of PEI” and in 2013 we paid tribute to first responders “Everyday Heroes”.

 Our 8th annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts will notice several distinct aspects during their time with us.

 Firstly 2014 is a full-year celebration on PEI as the province marks the 150th anniversary of the signing of the agreement to create a country, which occurred three years later in 1867.

 Secondly, you will notice more CAV members in attendance this year as they hold their annual general meeting. Of course CAV has always had a strong representation at our event but it will be increased this year given the hosting of the national meeting in Summerside.

 The CAV organization has also been lobbying the Province to dedicate a portion of the provincial highway system, “Highway of Heroes”. Their efforts have been rewarded and the official announcement will be coming soon with the actual dedication to take place during Atlanticade.

 Of course, Highway of Heroes, is all about paying tribute to those Canadians who paid the ultimate price during the Afghanistan mission in efforts to preserve freedom for others. As part of this highway dedication we are pleased to announce that the “Portraits of Heroes” display will part of the weekend activities.

 Atlanticade, in conjunction with the CAV organization, Confederation Bridge, and the Province is working out the details of a moving tribute to honour these heroes of freedom as part of the Confederation Bridge Cruise. Details will be announced soon!

 Finally, the freedom of the open road, wind in your face and the blending of one with “Mother Nature” is something we all embrace.

 Whether you reflect on the creation of a democracy some 150 years ago, pay respect and gratitude to those who have sacrificed for the freedom of our country and others abroad, or simply absorb the feeling that comes with the open road, the concept of “freedom” will be at the forefront.

 So here it is the theme for our 2014 festival “Reflections of Freedom”. See you all in Summerside, PEI.


For more information on the festival go to www.atlanticade.ca

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