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June 22 - 25, 2017 - Celebrating 11 Years!

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(Summerside, P.E.) – The relationship started off by accident back in 2007 in Moncton during the inaugural Atlanticade event.
“I saw these guys who were hanging around together with CAV crests on their vests and didn’t really know who they were” says Dale Hicks festival founder and chairman. Hicks began to connect the dots on the final day when the closing parade ended at the local veteran’s health care center and the CAV riders were very engaged with the vets.  “So I starting asking – who are these guys and what does CAV stand for?”

That was over seven years ago and now the relationship between Atlanticade and the Canadian Army Veterans is as strong a bond as you will find anywhere in the world of motorcycle events.

“Once we became aware of who the CAV group was and what they represented, I said well this group reflects the best of what it means to be Canadian so we certainly wanted to build a relationship with them” recalls Hicks.

Since then CAV has played a significant role in some form or fashion at each Atlanticade event. The festival now has a “Support the Troops” activity incorporated into the schedule each year where CAV plays a lead role. In addition CAV will also be found leading parades such as the Confederation Bridge Cruise and the Parade of Iron Horses.

In fact in 2011 Hicks was surprised and honored to be presented with an honorary membership into the CAV organization at the closing awards breakfast at the Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews.
“Yeah they caught me off guard with that and I certainly was humbled and honored by to be presented the crest by Trapper” says Hicks. “I don’t feel worthy of wearing the crest but I do sport it proudly at certain times during Atlanticade”.

(Atlanticade chairman Dale Hicks had just presented Trapper Cane with the annual “Experienced Rider Award” when Cane turned the tables by presenting Hicks with his honorary CAV membership during the 2011 event.)

The unique bond between the two organizations continues for the upcoming 8th annual festival being held in Summerside, PEI from June 27th to July 1st. Recenty CAV founder Paul (Trapper) Cane announced the group’s annual general meeting will take place in Summerside in conjunction with Atlanticade.

“Atlanticade brings great energy to all riders and our CAV members certainly appreciate the extra efforts put forth by Dale’s team to give us some profile at the event” says Cane. “No doubt it has been a great relationship between the two organizations and we hope it continues well into the future”.

For his part Hicks says that Atlanticade is very proud to be able to host the CAV – AGM as part of the 2014 festival. “We always have a good turnout of CAV members at our event but this will mean an additional boost in participants from across the country. We hope we can make it a little special for them and something they will remember years down the road”.
For more information on the festival go to www.atlanticade.ca

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